May Wishlist

So my May wishlist is an ASOS wishlist because basically there’s so much stuff I want from ASOS right now that I’ve pretty much banned myself from looking at any other online shops.

Approved by Tavi

I actually wore this outfit on Sunday when I went to have lunch with Ash and Adele. It was inspired by my buddy Leah who wore something similar a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t think it was quite blog-worthy but I did take some photos on PhotoBooth and put them on my tumblr. That tumblr post was reblogged by Brodie and then reblogged by the one and only Tavi (here) which convinced that it was a blog-worthy outfit (yes, I get validation from a 15 yr old. I’m 24 going on 13 and Tavi is awesome), took some proper photos and here we are.

skirt: tokito, shoes: kmart, tshirt: angry young & poor, jacket: new look, sunglasses: karen walker.

Grown Ups Wear Clothes With Ponies On Them, Right?

top: miss shop, skirt: asos, tights: courtesy of we love colors, shoes: asos, lipstick: mac – ruby woo.

Casual Outfit – I Can’t Dress Up ALL The Time

top: new look, jeans: custom made at dejour, clogs: boston babes, bag: rubi, sunglasses: karen walker, lipstick: mac – so chaud
and the things tom makes me do when he’s taking photos:

Knit Knit Knit

boots: vintage, tights: courtesy of we love colors, skirt: new look, tshirt: TBC, cardigan: ASOS, lipstick: MAC – cyber
Sorry for the gap in posts babes, I’ve been sick with the ‘flu all week and I’m only just starting to recover.

White Tights!

So this is almost an outfit repeat from this post but I thought this was a good way to show the big difference between the We Love Colors tights. In the previous post I was wearing the non-lycra tights and you can see how they’re not as opaque and how they’re a bit baggy around my knees, compared to these ones which are tight all over. I can’t say it enough – get the lycra tights!!

This is my buddy Lauren in a super cute Urban Outfitters skirt that I am coveting:

dress: ASOS, cardigan: etsy, shoes: kmart, tights: courtesy of we love colors

And I met this strange taxidermy cat last night:

We Love Colors Review!

A little while ago I bought some tights from We Love Colors and I wore them on the blog (here) but mentioned that I wished I’d gotten a smaller size because they were a bit too big for me. The babes at We Love Colors saw one of my posts, contacted me and offered to send me some tights in a smaller size to review.

The orange and white tights I originally bought were these $9 Solid Color Plus Sized Tights and I got them in a size 2XL (I usually get tights in a size too big because I like to be able to pull them up to my waist). What I didn’t realise was this style of tights don’t have lycra in them and therefore they weren’t very stretchy so they went baggy around the knees and ankles.

These green ones that We Love Colors sent to me are these $15 Plus Sized Nylon/Lycra tights in a size A/B and I really love them. They’re thick so they keep my legs warm, very stretchy and much more opaque than the non-lycra kind. If you’re going to buy a pair I think it’s definitely worth spending the extra $6 and getting the tights with lycra. We Love Colors were kind enough to send me a couple of other pairs so look out for them on the blog soon.

dress: river island (via ASOS), tights: courtesy of we love colors, boots: ASOS

Spaced Out

My friend had a space themed party last night and this is what I wore. I was too lazy to get out my proper camera so I apologise for the shitty photobooth photos.

dress: motel rocks (via modcloth), boots: jeffrey campbell litas, leather jacket: angry young and poor, lipstick: mac – rebel.

And I almost forgot my fairly dodgy attempt at space/galaxy nails:


Right after I posted my April Wishlist post a packge from ASOS arrived and I’m bored so I thought I’d join the zillions of girls on YouTube who make haul videos.

It’s a really kind of strange/funny trend and since this was my first time doing it I felt like a bit of a wanker but I thought you guys might like seeing some of the stuff I’ve bought recently.

April Wishlist

Gorman Picnic Duffle Coat

Turquoise and blue Cambridge Satchel Company satchel.

ASOS Varsity Leather Jacket

ASOS Striped Sundress (although April probably is too early to start stocking up for next summer…)